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At Genesis Library, you can choose from more than 2.4 million nonfiction books, 80 million scientific journal articles, 2.2 million fiction books, 400,000 magazines, and 2 million comics.

Library Genesis

Libgen – Library Genesis

At the Library Genesis, you can choose from over 2.4 million nonfiction books, 80 million scientific journal articles, 2.2 million fiction books, 400,000 magazines, and 2 million comics.

Most of the books are in the public domain and therefore can be accessed and read online for free.

On this page, you’ll find all the currently running Library Genesis sites (updated in 2023), which is important because Libgen’s URL changes regularly. You can also learn how to use search, how to convert ePUB to MOBI, choose the best ePUB reader, and more.

We’ve also added detailed informational guides to the most popular books in the public domain, including such classics as Dracula, Alice in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice, and many more. We add a new book description every week.

What is Library Genesis?

Libgen is a useful and comprehensive online portal that provides free access to millions of eBooks, articles, and pdf files in a variety of languages.Libgen has a special focus on important academic and scientific research articles, books, and essay collections, but also provides access to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books. This includes countless classic and contemporary award-winning novels across a range of popular genres, from science fiction to high fantasy and romantic fiction. Important works of poetry, comic books, manga, travel guides and recipe books are also available at the click of a button. You can download these files directly to your computer or handheld device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, kindle or other e-reading hardware. Popular file formats, such as epub, djvu, pdf and mobi, are widely available.

How to use Libgen

Step 1 – Find a Website

The Library Genesis has multiple URLs, so the first step is to visit one of the working URLs. The site’s working URLs are prone to change and downtime, but the main addresses include

    • (January 2023 – One of the “official” Library Genesis sites) (NEW for March 2022 – One of the “official” Library Genesis sites) (NEW for March 2022 – One of the “official” Library Genesis sites) (NEW for March 2021 – One of the “official” Library Genesis sites) (January 2021 – WORKING AGAIN) (NEW FOR January 2021) (NEW FOR May 2021)

If you are having trouble reaching any of these Libgen URL’s, then try entering or in your browser address bar.

Why can’t I use Libgen?

The Libgen (Library Genesis) website is sometimes blocked in some countries. If you get a “connection timed out” error or similar message from a link to the Libgen site, then try using a proxy, VPN, or plugin to access it.

You can also test to see if you are the only one having problems accessing a particular Libgen URL. By visiting and entering the Libgen URL. Geopeeker will load the site from 6 different places in the world so that you can quickly access it if only your country or IP cannot load to access the site.
《Library Genesis》
On Libgen, enter a search phrase, select a category, choose “Simple” or “Detailed” results, and click “Search”.

Step 2 – Using Search

Once you are in or, you can use the search tool to identify the books you need. The search bar allows you to conduct a broad and narrow search by title, author, genre, and field. For example, if you are looking for Immanuel Kant’s classic work on German philosophy, The Critique of Pure Reason, simply enter The Critique of Pure Reason, Kant, or a combination of the two into the toolbar. What’s more, you can filter your search by LibGen (technology), scientific articles, fiction, comics, standards, and magazines. If you are looking for something specific, it is recommended that you select “Default” as your search field and include the author and title in your search.

When searching for a title, you can choose to display your results in either a simple or detailed format. A simple search is faster and displays results in text format. Detailed results include the book cover image, ISPN and detailed publication information. Likewise, you can narrow your search to book publisher, year, language, extension, and label. By using the drop-down menu of search filters, you can make the number of items per search between 25, 50 or 100.

Step 3 – Find your book on the Library Genesis

Now that you have searched for your book, you will see the results listed in either a simple or detailed format. Using the simple format search, you will find multiple lines of results indicating that the book you need is available in different editions. In the case of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, for example, we have various publications of critical guides, critical articles and Kant’s work itself from different publishers, different years and different translations. Select the relevant title in the format and language you need. If you don’t see the format or language you want – for example a pdf in English – select the “Extensions” and “Language” tabs to refilter your results. You can then scroll to an alphabetical list of the files you need.
《Library Genesis》
With a simple search, scroll down the results to find the book of your choice and select the mirror download link.
When it comes to formats, most files have both positive and negative effects. pdf files tend to be universally readable on most devices, but they can be much larger than other native ebook formats such as epub and mobi. Since epub and mobi files are formats designed specifically for e-readers, you will find that they are generally clearer and easier to read because the content can be re-flowed from page to page. In contrast, Pdf is simply an image and text formatted file that may pixelate when compressed and not reflow when enlarged. If you are reading on an Apple or Android tablet or smartphone, it is best to choose epub.
《Library Genesis》
If you select “Detailed” results, the list will include the book cover (if available), ISBN number, etc. Click on the title of all mirror links, then select a mirror.

Step 4 – Download your eBook in Library Genesis

Once you have identified the book in the desired format, you will find a series of links to choose from in the right hand column. These are five mirrors of the same file to ensure your book is available. Mirror 1 is the easiest and most direct link, and you can download it directly to your device by right-clicking and opening it in a new tab.
《Library Genesis》
On the right side of the results, note the extension, and the 5 mirror links. Click on mirror 1.

Step 5 – Using Libgen Mirror Links

Although mirror 1 is the most powerful link, it may be slower than the other hosts. If you are downloading a larger pdf book, or if the first link simply doesn’t work, you might consider using one of the other mirrors. Mirrors 2 and 3 are generally good, with mirror 2 being a copy of the first link. However, mirrors 4 and 5 often involve troublesome pop-ups and external websites with malware.

Each Libgen mirror works in a different way.

Mirror 1It will take you to the Library Genesis hosted file, which you can download with a single click.

Mirror 2will take you to the mirror domain of the first link with the ad and download button.

Mirror 3Take you to another hosting platform, Z-library.

Mirror 4 will take you to several unnecessary screens before selecting “Get Link”, which will take you back to Mirror 1.

Mirror 5 will take you to a host with many pop-ups, which does not work on ab-blocker enabled browsers. Only use this last option if all other links are turned off, as you need to avoid clicking on anything other than the book links here to avoid malware or pop-ups.

Step 6 – Enjoy your book

You’ve downloaded your book and are now free to enjoy its contents. Now that you know how to use Libgen, it’s time to start reading!

Books in the public domain

What does “public domain book” mean?

“Public domain” refers to books, music, movies, and other creative materials that are not protected by intellectual property laws. These laws may be copyright law, trademark law or patent law. The “public” owns these works. They are not owned by individual authors or artists. Anyone can use a work in the public domain for free without permission, but no individual or company can own it.

There are four common ways a book or work can enter the public domain:

  • Copyright has expired.
  • The copyright owner failed to comply with the copyright update rules.
  • Copyright laws do not protect such works.
  • The copyright owner’s intentional placement of the work in the public domain is referred to as a “contribution.”

“Public domain” copyright expiry laws for books may vary from country to country. In most countries, the term of copyright protection expires on the first day of January 70 years after the death of the author or the most recent living author. The longest copyright term is in Mexico, where since July 1928 the copyright expires 100 years after the author’s death.

One exception is the United States of America, where every book, poem or story published before 1925 is in the public domain; for books published between 1925 and 1978, the US copyright term is 95 years, provided the copyright is properly registered and maintained.

Examples of public domain books are the works of Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Mary Shelley, Plato, Charles Dickens, Walt Whitman, and Edgar Allan Poe. The books of these authors are in the public domain worldwide because they all died more than 100 years ago.

All of these books are available as eBooks on Libgen.

We provide guides to the most popular books in the public domain such as 《Pride and Prejudice》, 《Dracula》, 《Frankenstein》,《Moby Dick》,《Great Expectations》,《Alice in Wonderland》 and 《Little Women》, for your free browsing.


Library Genesis Alternatives

There are now a variety of useful eBook resources. These are the best options:

  • Project Gutenberg:Established in 1971, this online database contains approximately 60,000 e-books that are not copyrighted in the United States. This includes a large number of classic works of fiction and non-fiction, scanned and available as images or plain text. Files are hosted locally and can be sent to Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.
  • Google Books:Google allows you to search an extensive database of books and essays, which currently totals 40 million titles. It also offers a number of full-text books available for download, sample pages, and search titles only. For these latter titles, Google Books offers only snippets of book content.
  • Z-Library:Described as the world’s largest e-book library, the site operates in a similar way to Library Genesis, offering over 5 million titles in a variety of formats. You can expect a range of fiction and non-fiction classics, as well as contemporary books and important research articles.
  • SCI-HUB:Created in 2011 by a computer programmer, the database complies with the open access movement and provides access to important research. It is mainly used for research articles and allows free access to the content of expensive academic journals.
  • is another good option for research and academic content, saved and available primarily in fb2 format, an XML-based eBook format that can be compressed and searched.

Is down?

Occasionally, Libgen’s servers are down unexpectedly or for scheduled maintenance. To check if you are experiencing any problems with or any of the other links, go to or and enter “” in the search bar to check if the site to see if there are any problems. This will indicate whether Libgen is having problems for you only or for everyone. – Is this site still up and running?

Is closed or still working?

The answer is:Yes, is down. This is the original website address for the Library Genesis portal, but this URL has been inaccessible for many years. If you try to access the site through your browser, you will get the following message.
“Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.
We can’t connect to the server at”
“This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.” and also no longer work and may give you a “Connection timed out. Server response time on is too long” message.

Please use the update link on this page. – Is this the official website of Library Genesis?

Yes, is up and running, and the site links to other Libgen sites, such as However, we recommend not using, as the search function on will only direct you to old links that are no longer valid.

Please use one of the Library Genesis sites on our update list.
《Library Genesis》
The library Genesis URL is running. But in reality, is not working because the links on the site are not updated. also redirects visitors to we recommend avoiding these two URLs.

Libgen Reddit – help

If you would like more detailed help or have questions about using Library Genesis, Reddit is a great resource. To start, go to and use the search function at the top to find related topics.

You can also ask questions in the comments section at the bottom of this page.



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