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At Genesis Library, you can choose from more than 2.4 million nonfiction books, 80 million scientific journal articles, 2.2 million fiction books, 400,000 magazines, and 2 million comics.

Library Genesis Mirror Link

List of mirror links to Genesis libraries still operating in 2023

The Library Genesis website has become increasingly popular worldwide, but users often find that the site is no longer available. This is not a technical problem, but rather the Library Genesis organization frequently changes their main website URL. Simply put, the site still exists, but its primary address has changed.
Below is the latest list of Libgen website URLS.

Library Genesis Website URL

2023 up to date Library Genesis Mirror Link: (January 2023 – One of the “official” Library Genesis sites) (NEW for March 2022 – One of the “official” Library Genesis sites) (NEW for March 2022 – One of the “official” Library Genesis sites) (NEW for March 2021 – One of the “official” Library Genesis sites) (January 2021 – WORKING AGAIN) (NEW FOR January 2021) (NEW FOR May 2021)
Below is the old mirror link: – November 2020) –(Latest – October 2020) –(Working again – May 2021) –(redirects to longer working) – September 2020 – search for a proxy for – September 2020 – search for a proxy for
If you cannot access the Libgen URL above, please try or

The URLS and are also “live”, but we recommend avoiding them because they are not official Librtary Genesis sites, and the actual book download links are not updated.

The original website is no longer working and you will receive an error message if you try to access it.

However, the above alternative links should be effective in 2020.

It is expected that the various Library Genesis sites listed above will only last for a limited time. If one of the sites on the list is no longer available, please try another site on the list.

Some countries or some Internet providers sometimes block access to Libgen (Library Genesis) website URLs. If you receive a “connection timeout” error from a Libgen website link, try using a VPN proxy or proxy plug-in to access it. You can also test for problematic URLs at

We will update this list every two years on this page and on the Libgen homepage.
《Library Genesis Mirror Link》
A functioning Library Genesis (Libgen) mirror site should look like the one shown here. For example, enter a search phrase, select a category (Technology, Articles, Comics, or Fiction), and click Search to find the book or article of your choice.



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